✓ Lots of tweaks to Crystal Temple – beware!
✓ Arcamon adjustments, Dark Thunder Zuma, Dragon, Hardshells
✓ Attempted a fix for sticky feet while reviving and running
✓ Solar image on mini-map shows some server information
✓ Increased spawns in Tomb of the Dead
✓ Resting Bonus system has been revised
✓ Guild wars are now paid for from Guild funds
✓ Some bug fixes as always!

Somewhere along the way the resting exp bonus system forgot it’s true purpose – to reward people for taking a break from levelling! It became a way for new players to get an experience boost and was pretty much permanently active on characters. The system has been revised so that it will fulfil it’s intended purpose without changing the way you level:
✓ Max bonus is now 100%
✓ Max exp is now your level plus the 2 levels above you
✓ Max exp is achieved over 10 days offline, less time when active in game
✓ Exp tables have been modified to reflect the new lower % rate
✓ The new exp tables mean that other exp buffs give more exp than before

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