Players are reporting the spread of a mana-sucking, health-draining virus. Don’t stand too close to the infected – you might catch it too!

Beware the Mines 

Beware, Heroes! CONTAGION-20 is spreading throughout Arcadia! An ancient sealed mine holds secrets to be discovered. Rotten, stinking, putrefied Zombies are rising from the ground all over Arcadia. And along with them, a debilitating virus has been unearthed. 

Would you dare go to the source? Ten ancient mines are accessible from zombie holes within secret locations all over Arcadia:

  • Ant Cave (max level 90)
  • Mutant Mines (max level 105)
  • Sunken Temple (max level 120)
  • Iku’s Lair (max level 135)
  • Naga Valley (max level 140)
  • Savage Terror Temple (max level 145)
  • Crypt of the Dark Cult (max level 155)
  • Isle of the Dead (max level 165)
  • Desert City
  • Past Bichon

Each mine has four or five entrances scattered across the dungeon. Look out for groups of bats and oldskool zombies rising from the ground.


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