Monsters, stalking through the night, Halloween is the Night of Fright.
Fear is what this night brings. Along with many other things…


Join us on Arcadia, Friday 22nd October at 18:00 BST for a Halloween adventure


City of the Damned

Returning for 2021, City of the Damned is a creepy valley of terror containing a number of indoor halls and dungeons. There are over 22 maps in total, with the main Barrens of Misery containing over 5000 shadow-less souls, and haunting horrors.

Look out for a Chucky in Bichon Wall who will teleport you to the event maps. Enjoy fast experience and a good opportunity to upgrade items with lots of item drops, orbs and runes.



Spooky spectres will ambush players and sap mana. You will find Mad Pumpkins dropping gems and candy, and Reapers dropping loot and runes. Try and take down a mighty Hell Raiser with a group of your most powerful Hero allies.


Event Highlights

City of the Damned – 22 maps per level bracket
Simple questline for a free subscription
Mini quests in Shadow Swamp
✓ Sub-boss: Pumpkin Reaper
✓ Boss: Grim Reaper
✓ Super-boss: Hell Raiser
✓ Hordes of ghoulish and ghostly monsters
✓ Regular Super and Champion spawns
✓ Over 100s of Spectre spawns per instance
✓ Collect Marbles and craft Ultra Orbs for upgrades
Craft powerful elixirs
✓ Carve grotesque pumpkin headpieces
✓ Find and train Halloween Arcamon


Event Instances

Entry requirements have been made stricter this year. Lower level players will not be allowed in higher level zones.

1. City of the Damned – Easy – (Level 0 – 100 only)
2. Barrens of Misery – Hard – (Level 0 – 120 only)
3. Nightmare Halls – Difficult – (Level 0 – 140 only)
4. City of the Damned – Nightmare – (Level 0 – 160 only)
5. City of the Damned – Insane – (Level 160 – 180 only)
6. City of the Damned – Legendary – (Level 180 and above)



Solo Caves

New this year to Halloween are private hunts in solo caves. Here you will be able to have mini-hunts without the nuisance of pesky pkers or bothersome boss thieves!

Collect Spectral Shards inside the City of the Damned main event regions and trade them with Brian in Shadow Swamp for mini-hunts in Ghoul Garden.


*Times may vary internationally as UK Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday 31st October 2021 at 02:00. Clocks go back one hour and we change to Greenwich Mean Time. Type @time in game for server time.


The small print

All event items will expire after the event ends, this includes Arcamon, Elixirs, Candy and Pumpkin Heads. For more details see the item description for a disintegration time.

Some floors in the event dungeon do not allow player drops, random teleporting, teleport rings, log-out and recall.

Some areas are protected from player drops, others are not, please press ‘M’ to find out the current map settings

If you get too scared please put the lights on, turn the sound off and always remember a TownTeleport! (or press H for home)

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