There has been a reboot on Arcadia this to apply event updates and start the week of buffs.

More event details will be posted shortly.


Christmas Buffs

From 17/12/2021 2pm GMT to 19/12/2021 2pm GMT enjoy Experience multiplier x1.3 and Double Mythic Drops.

From 19/12/2021 2pm GMT to  21/12/2021 7pm GMT enjoy Double Supers and Champions and Extra 50% Magic Find.

From  21/12/2021 7pm GMT to 22/12/2021 11pm GMT enjoy the First Quarter Moon.

From 22/12/2021 2pm GMT to  03/01/2022 midnight enjoy Snowbrook Christmas and Siege on Snowbrook (details to follow).

n.b. Mags (candles) are temporarily removeable for the event period.

Enraged Skill Removed

The skill Enraged (Warrior) has been removed and replaced with BattleField. Protection Field also now applies some MAC.

The new skill Battle Field combines Damage Field, Protection Field and Berserk into 1 cast-able skill which synchronises all durations and also increases the level of AC / MAC given by Protection Field.

It is hoped that this simple addition will help improve warrior survivability and simplify the number of skills needed to maintain.

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