Arcadia has been rebooted to clear out event spawns and for some updates. Don’t miss the New Moon rising this evening, double drops and more spawns all over Mir!


Better Arcamon and Other updates:

✓ Added a new log in window
✓ Exit button removed*
✓ Added EpicParalysisRing, EpicProtectionRing, EpicRevivalRing and GreatClearRing to GameShop
✓ Added 10 levels to Vitality, Strength, Defence, and Intelligence by default on Arcamon**
✓ Increased the maximum daily income for castles Arcane, Tristram, Gi-Ryoong, Phoenix and Sabuk
✓ Woomyon Wall and Bichon Wall castles can only be conquered by Guilds below level 30

* Please select OUT then quit from the character select screen in order to log out safely or use Alt+Q if you have to
** This is a hidden stat and will effectively boost all Arcamon by 40 levels. We are currently testing this idea and so appreciate feedback. We will consider the change to permanent within a week or two.

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