The palace is a cold as it is bright, ruthless shards of ice blistering at your feet


Palace of the Blue Dragon

Enter a once glorious palace consumed by icy cold monsters. The Blue Dragon Palace is a team challenge with a formidable guard of monsters and bosses for our admirable Heroes! Large dungeon floors allow for planning and strategy, while small maze rooms will force quick thinking co-ordination. 


  • > Only one group will be able to challenge the dungeon at a time
  • > Only group leaders can initiate a hunt
  • > Minimum of three group members required to begin
  • > Entry costs 200 Demon Souls per player
  • > Guild Leaders can initiate a free Guild hunt once a week
  • > Once you enter, you may not log out, and there is a 3 hour hunt limit
  • > If you enter a hunt, you may not initiate another challenge for 1 hour


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