Happy Christmas people of Arcadia! 

There will be a short reboot today to apply some updates before we implement the events.

✓ Overall increase to Accuracy / Agility on Arcamon
✓ Upgraded Flail Wolf, Azure Tiger and Elite Troll
✓ Added basic merchants to Snowbrook Pass
✓ Added countdown on Revive window
✓ Added more Eye of Gruumsh spawns
✓ Revised drops on Orc City / Forgotten Realm
✓ Added Extermination Bounty – resets daily
✓ Added the free Xmas mounts (Promotion on Facebook)


The mounts have been added for some additional fun. To mount press Ctrl + M. Stats apply only while mounted and riding is limited to outdoor type areas. Currently mounts occupy the candle slot. Depending on how well received they are we may consider fully implementing them in future.

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