The Battle Planes of Acheron will open today at 6pm GMT.

Fight Maglubiyet, the war god of the goblins and hobgoblins in this high level hunting grounds.

Entry requires level 185, a Demon Orb and 30 Demon Souls.



Planes of Acheron

Locate the secluded portal stone in Phoenix Province and take a trip to the Ruins of Acheron. Hunt on safe maps with unique monsters and bosses – with extra bonuses such as higher super and champion spawn rates.

✓ NEW: Hunting Grounds (level 185+)
✓ NEW: bosses and subs
✓ NEW: Hobgoblin weapon drops
✓ Features: Hobgoblin Armour upgrade NPC and quest items
✓ Features: Hobgoblin Weapon upgrade NPC and quest items
✓ Features: Elysian Armour upgrade NPC
✓ Features: Elysian Weapon upgrade NPC
✓ Also added: Secret room – Fatally Burning Cavern in Bug Cave


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