Arcadia is soon to be six years old! A statistic dwarfed only by the fact that Project69 is already 16. Granted, that number is higher than its current user-base, but its still pretty impressive. Thank you everyone who has helped keep the dream alive. It has been a busy year and we’ve had a ton of updates.


So, What’s New?

✓ Revised drops – All of the older content got a refurb, and drops in particular got a boost. Now items and skill books up to level 120 are far easier to earn making the game great fun for new players.

✓ Resting Exp boost – One of our more popular updates by far! Of course, who doesn’t want free experience! The maximum resting experience bonus you can now receive is +400%. By the way, that’s 5x xp!

✓ Desert Tunnel Update – We gave a refreshing update to the whole of Desert Tunnel and adjoining caves. A new range of level 158 monsters were added with stronger elites and a new Naga Lord. New spawns of Naga Brute sub bosses, a Naga Champion boss, and Naga Elite sub bosses. The new level 158 kit also drops here.



✓ Diablo and Baal Challenges – Both these weekly event challenges were updated with level 150 monsters and items. Battle your way through powerful caves of monsters, completing side quests and finally defeating the boss. Different events take part on different days.

✓ Sunken Ship Event – The most recent addition to the daily events. Tuesdays see a Giant Squid blocking the doorway to an ancient ship. But what lies within the decks of that ship? And who dares to find out?!

✓ Red Dragon Dungeon and Blue Dragon Palace – These two team quests have been a huge hit. It is rare to see these dungeons void of players. Both are thirteen floor dungeons consisting of seven unique bosses and powerful hordes of minions. They cost 100 Gamepoints to enter and you must complete them within four hours. Not many claim the prize of Red Dragon’s Dungeon, but none still claim the prize of Blue Dragon Palace.



✓ Guilds Got Levels – Advanced Guild features were added, meaning that you can level up your Guild and buy Shields for your members. Shields are buff that give bonuses like extra gold find, extra damage or extra potion duration. With this update came Guild Ally chat (Type !# AllyGuildName) and a “Guild Ally” attack mode. A great way for two Guilds to become friends.

✓ Better stronger Arcamon – We decided to give all the Arcamon a little more punch. Afterall who wants to fight monsters when your pet can do it for you?! We increased special attack speeds, accuracy and agility. Even defense too! New Arcamon and new evolutions were released, along with food for up to level 160.




Well, What’s Upcoming?

You must be excited. We are! Let’s not get bogged down by all the amazing updates that have already been and gone. Let us look towards the future at whats coming next!


Dungeon Upgrades

I am sure some of you were trolled in Crystalline Passage here recently, by what could only be labelled as a dwarf, at best. But what really happened to the Svaltus Troll Lord? And why are there no Guardians? The chilling reality is, there’s a secret palace inside the passageways where Svaltuses are training to be level 162. Someone start a fire. Winter is coming!

One of the most popular bosses in game, Loki, is set to evolve a new guise. The Temple of Ancients is undergoing a redesign and Loki, along with his Jotunn, will be formidable opponents once again.

There will be further dungeon upgrades coming later in 2019. A new Past Bichon and Evil Mir experience is being planned.



A new Level Cap

What good are all these upgrades when you can’t level that high?! The level cap, 160 soft (165 hard), will be increased, allowing you to reach higher and hit harder. Other things will be affected, such as higher rates of resting experience giving a lift to lower leveled players.


Event Maps Upgrades

We recently upgraded both the Diablo and Baal Events and introduced a new Sunken Ship Challenge. You may be pleased to know that there are more event map upgrades being prepared. This includes modifications to the Yimoogi Challenege and replacements for the Wednesday, and Friday challenges.



Dungeons and Dragons Returns

Dungeons and Dragons was an Easter event delivered last year on Arcadia. Four instanced dungeons for a variety of level ranges. Each instance contains 15 floors with thousands of demonic minions running riot and causing mischief.

Dungeons and Dragons – Easy – level 100 and below;
Dungeons and Dragons – Hard – level 120 and below;
Dungeons and Dragons – Difficult – Level 140 and below
Dungeons and Dragons – Nightmare – All Players

The poisonous serpent Glaurung patrols the lower depths of the molten seas while the super-boss Retshe stands by his throne guarding his treasures. There are eight races of dragon lurking in the fiery depths that will be available as pets. Will you be lucky enough to find and hatch a Dragon Egg?

Further details, including updates and additions will be given when the event dates are released.


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