Paradise Sky

Based on the hugely successful Skies of Arcadia event hosted last year, we have created two brand new hunting grounds – Paradise Sky.

Head over to Arcadia and teleport into the heavens for a truly exciting experience in Paradise Isles or Paradise Lakes. Go head-to-head with a Timber Thorn and unearth new equipment, or take a team to defeat the Sky Knight for a chance to discover new skills and spells. Watch out for the dance of Four Tails, for his rage will make the ground tremble, and send you running back to town..


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Regional Updates

Halls of Agony

has a new horde of Kings Guard aimed at level 140+. The old monsters have taken up refuge in Desolate Chamber with their Queen. This new area is boss-free, and is a safe-zone throughout.

Old Tomb

The Butcher of Old Tomb has rallied forces with his brothers in Naga Ruins. The higher concentration of monsters makes for a more challenging dungeon.

Ground Mover’s Lair

is now empty as Ground Mover has relocated to another dungeon. Can you find him???


Updates Summary

✓ Three new hunting areas added
✓ Three new bosses added
✓ New items kits, armours
✓ Three new skills for each character class added
✓ New set of “super rares” added!

✓ Updated spawns for bosses and monsters
✓ Merged some caves and moved bosses
✓ Added some old bosses to random locations
✓ New item name colour for “super rares”, including drop warnings
✓ Drop rates and tables, “super rares” added to more bosses
✓ Item prices have been balanced out to reflect level and rarity
✓ Increased pet food feeding rates
✓ Upgraded the Kevin gem refining system
✓ All legendary (red and blue monsters) have re-calibrated stats
✓ Can now tame 1 red legendary and up to max blue legendaries mobs
✓ Red Dragon power upgrades more slowly
✓ Limited push range on Red Dragon
✓ Cleaned up some errors in monster AI, movement and targetting
✓ Fixed errors in graphic rendering and map display


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