It is looking more and more likely that most of the world will remain in lock-down for a long period. We therefore feel it is our duty to keep you entertained. With Easter around the corner it is of course time for our favourite oldskool event – Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons is a hugely successful Easter event that we have delivered for the last three years. Hopefully this year we can deliver an even better experience than last, and with a fun twist. Full details of the event will be released nearer the time.



Week of Daily Buffs

  • Sat 4th 8AM for 24h: Experience multiplier x1.5
  • Sun 5th 8AM for 24h: Double Super & Champion Spawns
  • Mon 6th 8AM for 24h: Extra 200% Magic Find
  • Tue 7th 8AM for 24h: Drop rate multiplier x2
  • Wed 8th 8AM for 24h: Double Super & Champion Spawns
  • Thu 9th 8AM for 24h: Experience multiplier x1.5

All times are BST. Type “@time” in the in-game chat bar for the exact server time

Dungeons & Dragons

Enter the River of Flames and escape the poisonous serpent Glaurung who patrols the lower depths of the molten seas. Head deeper into Lava Temple to the Gate Keeper, who holds the seal to a secret dungeon. There are eight races of dragon lurking in the fiery depths that will be available as pets. Will you be lucky enough to find and hatch a Dragon Egg?

Dungeons and Dragons 2020 will launch on Friday 10th April 10AM BST


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