Arcadia will reboot today to install software updates to the server and implement a new Achievements Manager.


Press ‘A’ for Achievements

A new Achievement manager (A) has been implemented into Arcadia. Any old unavailable and unfit content has been removed and a full lineup of subs/bosses have been added. Each Achievement will now only award 1 point and your current score will be recalculated.

In future we will be using Achievements to lock access to certain functions and regions, such as the Weekly Challenges.

TIP: You will be awarded boss kills in the Arena so head there to boost your current score


Update notes:

Fixed Toxic Gas not working with new Amulets
Fixed GFX on new Amulet
Fixed message error “player is offline”
Rebuilt and updated Achievements
✓ Rebalanced monster damage for Catacombs / West Bichon

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