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Ultimate Enhancer stutter testing results


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Been doing some testing on this.

Players don't affect the stutter at all. No matter how many people are in party.

The stutter is 100% based on the amount of pets you have as a tao. Pet levels dont matter. No specific pet makes any noticeable difference.

It's simply, the more pets you have as a tao, the more stutter you get when casting NEW UE buffs, meaning you have no buffs and cast UE with 4 pets and arcamon, your game locks up for 1-2 seconds.

NOT SURE---->It doesnt seem to be connection issue, as it locks all game animations, Pet/mob movements for the time of the stutter.

Items and stats don't seem to have any noticeable impact on it.


I'll update this more as i test it.


Stutter starts at 4 pets, no matter what map you or your pets are on, even if seperated. Also doesnt matter if its 3 core pets and an arcamon. As long as its 4 pets total. 5 pets makes the stutter worse.
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Doesn't happen at all for me, so I suspect it's something specific to your setup

Does it also happen in window mode?

Have task manager open at the same time and watch to see if anything (such as cpu usage) spikes at the moment you're casting it

Are you running in XP compatibility mode?

Are you using any priority/affinity settings on the application?
Gritt gets it also and has said as much on the forums.

Windowed, I'll try full screen tomorrow

Xp sp3 compt.

No affinity for cpu
I have tried all modes 2 pcs its occurs when casting in an area with alot mobs players , very noticable in new maps in or after a rt its very simlar to NPC lag
This is easy to replicate.

Have zero buffs, cast all pets, and move around and cast UE and it'll happen just like in the video.

32gigs ram
Samsung Evo 970ssd

It only happens when I have pets cast on tao. More than 3.

Been testing this bud. Multiple pcs. multiple compatibility modes tried. full screened, windowed. No matter what the process cpu affinity is set to. even tried it over several vpns to see if that makes a difference.

Nothing. still happens unless you have 3 or fewer pets.

Sorry for the @ bud, but if you can think of other things to try im willing to test it.
Best I can suggest since it's not happening to everyone is to gather a list of specific hardware used by people who do experience this and maybe find some pattern or correlation
Again, it only happens if you have zero buffs and cast new ones.

But I can't seem to figure out the cause sadly.

I would say fresh install and what not but the game is already on a fresh install of the game itself and winblows.
I've seen that as well but I think I nailed that down to them already having tao buffs that exceed the 2 minutes of UE. Not 100% on that though
I also been playing around with settings still no joy
I sgree with pooks it seems to miss people in groups
On a hunt the night people where moaning where is their UE I stood casting no. Stop and eventually after like 5 tries they go it