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Thousand Sword bugged? Its attack speed and easily replicated.


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To save a lot of reading and watching me lose my fking mind figuring this out. I'll edit up here to make it easy to find.

It's attack speed. For some reason its effecting toxic gas/thousand sword. If you have attack speed 20 or over. I have confirmed this on multiple accounts with 3 different taos.

1.)Have attack speed of 20 or above <---confirmed break point.
2.)Cast toxic gas.
3.)immediately start casting thousand sword. The second cast bugs out, and all subsequent casts bug out until you walk away from where you casted toxic gas.

-edit- Walking does not unbug toxic gas/thousand sword/devils vision. So if you cast toxic gas and run then cast thousand or devils vision twice, it still bugs.

I didnt add attack speed to any of my items, they rolled this way, and I'm kinda screwed leveling my tao now because those are the two main damage spells and I cant remove attack speed off items. :(


Attack speed 20 is the magic number it bugs at.

It also bugs out devils vision if you cast toxic gas, then immediately into devils vision twice.

Every time I cast it, it takes 2 casts for the spell to go off and sometimes it bugs and stays half casted and follows me around.

Running winxp compat mode and all that jazz.2023-07-20 19_21_10_189.jpg
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Can't put my finger on this one - when you say always, do you mean literally or just that evening for example?
Its consistent each night I play.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get nvidia to screen record it so I can get video without reinstalling obs. When I do I'll upload it.
I've been playing my Tao a lot lately and not come across this issue. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue? I ain't got a clue how the files work but would a fresh install solve the issue assuming it would be client side problem and not server side?
Looking again I see there's the error message "ThousandSword is cooling down". Something is wrong with your skill data. Thousand Sword should have a 2 second cool-down, does it say that on hover?

It could also be a system timer error however I would expect the server to kick you for that

When you cast a skill the client self verifies the cast but then immediately confirms with the sever. The server is sending that cooldown message and terminating the cast.
You can see when it happens, watch the skill on the bar. It flashes 2 second cooldown really quickly but doesnt go on cooldown, but the skill also doesnt cast either.

I'm almost wondering if this is some sort of packet loss issue, but with one skill only? I dont have this issue with other skills, even on wiz, so I'm lost as to whats causing it.
@Scorpian I may have figured it out. I reinstalled and it still happens.

But I'm noticing it happens after casting toxic gas and standing still. I will do more testing and confirm but I believe its related to toxic gas then casting thousand sword.
Reinstalled game.
Updated gpu drivers.
Tinkered with gpu settings. Vertical sync/Gsync/Locking frame rate/etc...
Tinkered with running processes/etc..
Updated winblows fully. win 10.
Tried in every compatability mode and without it enabled.
Assigned different F-keys.
Zero packet loss on network.

Have no idea whats causing it.
Its MY account.

I log into another persons account and it doesnt do it.


Nvm mind, figured it out, tested on two accounts now. It's my holy crystal brise.

3 accounts, confirmed.

Rabbit hole goes deeper. Its attack speed... wtf?

It's not holy crystal brises specifically its related to attack speed.

My taos attack speed is 23, and when it goes under 17 it doesnt happen. You can very easily replicate this.

Get attack speed 22 or over and it bugs it out.

Confirmed on my tao, my brothers tao and my nephews.

why does attack speed affect spell casting? o_O
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Attack speed 23, toxic gas into devils vision, second devils vision cast and stuck animation vision doesnt go off. Same procedure to get thousand swords stuck.

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Hi mate i guess you pmed me in game to ask if I too had issues, I will I look at this aswell as i have high attck speed but very rarely use toxic , I do a little trail latter today
The worst part is. I can't change out any of my gear without losing a crap ton of sc.

And it currently effects the three main spells I use for damage. So im kinda fked for leveling.
First I want to say well done for investigating the issue. Secondly, don't be so dramatic. Hardly a game breaking bug. Just take a step or heal in-between casting toxic gas and thousand swords until it is fixed.
It'd be easier if the gm just removed the attack speed off my weapon. Why do Taos need attack speed again?

I Cant exactly re roll my items as I would lose soul attack and I cant remove any item that has attack speed on it because I would lose 30 to 80 sc, or hp+sc.
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