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Rewind required urgently

Whilst we are on the rewind subject when people kept getting lagged out from Halloween GG caves because of server and lost out on GG etc can we rewind back to then? There was a post about it on FB
i got random GG refunded to me while in game shortly after this happened.. suspected it was due to the lag outs in GG cave.. maybe message andy about it.. losing abit of GG isn't as bad as the community losing an entire day of moon buff plus guilds not being able to attend wars on that day unfairly losing them.. slightly feel your comment to be abit petty tbh
It’s certainly not rewinds Al, if that happens how can any player to go a PK or Boss ? If it jus gets reminded. Serves I’ve played in the past that have had rewinds has resulted in a mass exodus numbers going from 300 to 100. So no mate im not short sighted at all I can see fine when my glasses are on lol.
in over 4 years of playing sever this has happened maybe 1 time before, wasn't during war and 4 pages of forums chat were not generated.
This is an emotive subject regardless,
if people want to keep being so toxic over the issue than then that their prerogative .

Facts are facts, people on one side hell bent intent over causing division in the server over a holy res 8 org slayer (yes with pa runes)
people on both sides (cos lets face it, are death drops split to entire guild??????) just wanting fair restoration to order

and 90% of people who dont give a fk and want us all to stfu
Yeah I don’t think this should of been brought up on forum to be honest was only going to cause a confrontation would of been best leaving to emails. That being said I don’t think a rewind is justified and that’s not me taking sides I promise that’s me from a neutral perspective DO NOT get me wrong if I was in Al situation I be pissed and probably be doing the same thing in all honesty but the fact remains he went into a war on his own there was many other options he could of chose me personally I would of waited till more got on that was one option or if you wanted some fun while waiting wear your shop kit so then I’ll if you do die to multiple enemies at once because your on your own it doesn’t matter because the kit is useless to you that was also another option now I’m not saying this is what you have to do im just saying this was some of the other options you could of chose. it wasn’t like you was forced into going into the castle on your own so I don’t think a rewind is justified like I’m truly gutted for Al because he’s actually a good guy and I know how much time and effort he’s put into getting to where he is now. But shoe on other foot if this was one of them that dropped it you wouldn’t be giving back either and probably be saying the same and I just think if a rewind was to happen it cause much more controversy(this is just my honest opinion). In the end though it comes down to what the gm think and either way it’s shit for him because it’s a lose lose situation they do a rewind everyone on one side kick of and threaten to leave game on the other side he doesn’t do a rewind he’s got he’s got the other half kicking of and threatening to leave the game so what’s the outcome either way he resolves this ends in damaging the server so as a bystander this all about shit to be honest and hope this can be resolved in way that doesn’t damage the server (mission impossible) I know. But yeah this again is just my honest opinion if you feel differently please feel free to explain to me in a non abusive manner why I might be wrong (I didn’t read the majority of messages because it’s just arguing).
It is unfortunate for everyone when these sorts of issue arise. And unfortunate that it took so long to repair, however the server team were working on the issue within 30 minutes and can only assume they went as fast as they could to complete the job (replacement motherboard on the webserver).

Rewinds are reserved for incidents which irrevocably damage the server. We would assume a significant number of players would take a long leave of absence after a rewind, as experienced in the few previous cases.

The full situation needs to be considered, however the data at the moment doesn't indicate any sort of issue with the game server. The web server and game server are not physically dependent on each other but we obviously need the web server to verify log-ins hence no one could log in.

While I cannot simply deny there was a lag spike I can see that:
  • traffic/packets/errors on server logs do not seem unusual
  • there were no player disconnections 1 min before / after the incident
  • only 7 players logged in (1 min before/after the incident)

Furthermore, I would expect that if the server's internet connection lags then so does everyone and pvp would cease (I don't know if pets were involved). Similarly if there was a CPU spike/hang then whole game would suffer the same spike (even pets).
What a professional response. Unlucky AlsirAl, I think what probably happened is your character took a huge amount of damage from some, maybe numerous people, and you died. It does happen and you can mistake it for a lag, but logically thinking if you were the only target, then of course everybody is focusing on you in that moment.