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Quest Guide :)


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Thought about what F-Fallin Said and thought I'd help out with what I knew :)

EXP Quest:
Level requirement: lvl 40

Go to Mudwall Contest room talk to the npc and kill a room full of Random Wooma's there are some Taurus's and Gaurdians in there aswell, once u've done this talk to the npc again and he will spawn u some Scarecrows kill these to get some bonus experiance.

Illusion sword Quest:
Level requirement: lvl 43
NPC: border town, old man (run top right from Border town Portal stone)

Illusion sword basically make ur way through the Passage to evil and the underground, talk to the NPc in the last room he will spawn 2x evil Gaurdians and Evil illusion one after the other, collect the Tao Wizz & Warr Fragments they give you and hand them to the npc to collect your weapon.

note: once u put on the illusion sword u cant take it back off and when u die it will break. to repair it use War god Oils.

Shock Ring, Cross Sheild, Flame neck quest
Level requirement: 42
NPC: border town resteraunt

Talk to the Sad guy in the Resteraunt of border town, he will tell u to go find a lame ape in mongchong province.

I found that if you use dungeon escape's and then run back to mudwall you will find it in about half an hour or so ( but maybe thats just luck ). Kill the lame ape and you will receive a map ( try not to kill with pets you may not receive the map), take the map back to the sad guy and he will tele you into a room where Mirking is, kill the Mirking which will then drop you a dairy take the diary back to the sad guy and he will give you your class related item.

Wizards receive: Shock Ring
Warriors receive: Flame Necky
Taoist receive: Cross Sheild

Force Items:
Level requirement: lvl 43

Simply collect lvl 38 items from the floods in the hidden lands and combine them with a quest token when using the required npc for each item.

Force Ring = demon ring, demolition ring, holy ring, gia ring, black ring + Quest token
Take these items to the npc in ZumaTemple 7th Floor ( 1st room after the lobby)

Force Brace = demon brace, demolition brace, holy brace, gia brace, black brace + Quest token
Take these items to the npc in Death Valley

Force Helm = demon Helm, demolition Helm, holy Helm, gia Helm, black Helm + Quest token
Take these items to the npc in Stone Temple

Force Necky = 2xdemon Necky, 2xdemolition Necky, 2xholy Necky, + Quest token
Take these items to the npc in Maggot Cave

Mithril Quest:
Level requirement: lvl 46
To make Mithril armour buy a pick axe and mine in the mines of moria for mithrilore, you need to collect one piece of purity 23 + and four other random purity pieces and three quest tokens.

Take all these items to the Jeweller in Fortevil to recieve your mithril.

pecial Ring Quest:
Level requirement: lvl 55

NPC: Terror Temple Kings Room
To Start the Quest talk to the statue in terror temple kings room to collect three jars.

First Part - Jars
Jars must be filled in this order:
Sap Filled Jar- killing trees around terror temple.
Blood Filled Jar - killing TerrorKing's from Kings Room Only.
Soul Filled Jar - Killing Black Riders from Mount Doom.

Second Part - Jewels
No particular order for these just keep killing these bosses till u receive the jewel
Wooma Taurus King - Krystal
Zuma Taurus King - Gold Piece
Evil Illusion - Large Diamond
Third & Final Stage.

Killing four mobs in a random order (GhostWarrior, Ghoul, Terror King, Beast Lord) there is no proven order for this part.
Once you have killed these mobs in the correct order then you will be tele’d out and just have to go back to the Terror Temple Kings room to collect your prize from the statue.

Angel Armour Refined:
Level requirement: lvl 60 + heros quest done
NPC: Jeweller in Heroes Town

1st Refine:
To upgrade your angel armour you need to collect 3 dura 46+ of each type of Perfect stone ( 3xPerfect Blue,3xPerfect Purple, 3xPerfect Green, 3xPerfect Red)

2nd Refine:
You'll need to collect the numbered sections, you will need all 8 one of each number and all in the same sex ( section1(f) section 2(F) section 3(F) . . .).
Along with the sections u need a Dura 16 + XL stone, dependng on what kind of armour you want (Wizz, Warr or Tao Angel) just use a class related stone Mc XL stone for Wizz Angel, SC XL for Tao Angel and DC XL for WarrAngel.
The only difference between all these armours is the Colour and name.

Theres Probably a few other quests out there but I cant think of any more atm other than heroes but thats already been taken care of :top:
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ye as above buddy nice 1 should be helpfull for a few pple :XD

merlin123 63 wizz xXSouLXx 51 Tao

there you go amory :)
Level 40 quest was great, Took out 1 or 2 mobs at a time then it came to scarecrows and I only had almost 8% left till lvl 41, good stuff :)
LoL its not possible for a lvl 42 wizzy to do shock ring quest <_<
tried 5 energy meats and rest of pack mana bundies

just when eva u need the gear mate :) I'll lvl up to 67 n give ya ur shiz back asap unless u need it b4 then just let me know :)