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Event Details and Change Log

I have been searching the website and the forum for a few weeks and was not able to find any information about events and change logs.

There was a red moon event thing a few days back and I have no idea what it is about, how it works, or how to utilize it.

I also hear people talk about the sunken ship but I can't find any information whatsoever on what kind of zone that is and how to get there.

I am very thankful if you could kindly direct me to that information.
When you go to thelegendofmir.com click on 'News' at the top menu and it takes you straight to the latest updates
yes the problem is news is updated to Thelegendofmir.com. i agree it should be made easier to find.

also to find out about some events ingame, run up from the trader in BW SZ
There are two noticeboards if you head over the bridge, North of BW safe zone. One details upcoming main events and one lists any planned auxiliary events.

For details on lunar events, there is an NPC (appropriately named 'Luna') South of Ayarin Province just outside of town.

The others have already said but yeah, update logs and event information will be posted on www.thelegendofmir.com/news
I have refreshed the forum home page with links to each news feeds in the forum channels and also added a news tab to the forum header