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Feature Request Wizard pet Stable NPC


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Idea is Thus
A NPC that tele you into a yard with pets to tame
The pets are level based
E.g Stable of The Ice Stallion
BDP pets choose to tame costs Demon Souks
100 Ds normal mob
200 DS Blue mob
300 Ds Red mob
When you tele in to the yard the pets are your level etc
You could have various Yards for mob types etc
With various costs depending on level

Thus idea I feel would help the casual gamer , the accidental pet death or the pet timed out problem …..
Just a thought and thanks to the wizzes ingame that gave me some feedback
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Maybe make them 10% weaker than the mobs you 'find' to stop people crying about it

And possibly not just for BDP pets but a selection of stuff that's level-appropriate

While we're on the subject of pets, would be nice to get the icons flashing when they have less than 5 minutes left, similar to the way buff icons flash when they are nearly done 😍