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Wizard Pet Bug


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After seeing my pets get low on tamed time remaining I spammed them with ES and got them all back to 1 hour.

After going afk for 10 minutes I came back to see 3 out of my 5 pets either I assume dead or just having despawned, of the remaining 2 one had over an hour left but the 5th one (one of the ones who I spammed ES on) still alive with 45 minute remaining on it. What should of been how much the others should of had as well.
Ok please can this be looked at...Just lost another 5 pets. 4 blues and one champ.....all with over 190 minutes left and they just fucking died....
Any chance something killed them?

Found out the 2nd time it was due to them dying.

However the first time they were sat on passive in hero village within the safe zone so really unsure how they could of died then