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Wierd ass bug


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So i logged my wizzy account and after 5/10 mins i found i lagged out so i closed the client and reopened in and got the red text saying could not connect to arcadia.. which was wierd as my tao is online and fine. After another 3/4 tries to log in my wizz and getting this message , it lets me into the character screen, but there are no characters there, not the wiz or the noob store char? So i've closed the game again and repeated this cycle once more and now after entering my details i got the message Account already logged in or locked due to abnormal disconnection. Hoping i havent lost a character or anything :/ This all happened as im writing this post btw if u need the time

- - - Updated - - -

And as soon as i post about it , i can log in fine .. lol
Looks like it was related to the internet issues some were facing. You were probably losing connecting sporadically while trying to connect. Hence not receiving character data at the point of getting to the character select screen

Only I have the power to remove characters, don't worry :p