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why my account is suspended ?

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andy could u pls unban my char ? Larry one.
theres no mistakes have done with this store.
but you have made “mistake” on different account? If so then any account used to log into Mir from same IP as the one you “cheated” on will be suspended.
Neroz haked BH and 3g got BH item back from ner0z in same time with my help and 3g told BH to clean his PC from the vireos and boom andy suspend lary
Nobody hacks anyone. "Hacking" is such an overused term. People share chars with people they don't know well enough and find problems happen, what a surprise.

Get locked out of own char. Own fault
Get kit stolen. Own fault
Use a char without permission and get banned. Own fault

Share chars with people you know in RL or known ingame and trust for many years fair enough, but so many people sharing chars with almost randoms then get surprised when bad things happen. I find it very difficult to muster up any sympathy for those in that situation
You were banned for sending people links to enter their Mir log in details for "cheats".. why would I un-suspend you?
I love how two sided every single one of these unban me please threads go. Aww please unban me I didn't do anything all that bad! You created 5 thousand taos, summoned skeley for every single one at once in bichoin wall and claimed the night King's armies had invaded the North. Always so far away from what they originally say they do lol
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