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Which class should i start?



I haven't played this game for a while now and i wanna try a new character.

How are each of the 3 classes when it comes to solo play?
I like taoist, are they very dependent on their pets?

Looking forward to starting again!
I think i will try wizard for the AOE!

Here's my guide for solo levelling a wiz

- Do as many farmer quests as you can, should get you to about level 85ish (6 to 10 hours)
- Now is a tricky bit, it's actually a bit hard and will seem slow as you don't have any decent AoE attacks yet. Try a bunch of caves. Can't actually remember which ones are suitable here, so use this time to explore and learn your way around! Grind to level 96 (expect to take 2 or 3 hours per level)
- At 96 you can now TU in Zuma Dungeon (not temple!). You'll make pretty quick exp here and will level a bit faster. You can TU everything except rats, tame the rats and let them kill other rats, so you can focus on TU the Zumas. You'll be 1 to 2 hours per level at first but it will slow down very slightly at 100, do this to level 106. Save up any food items that drop and sell them to shop for 8k each, you'll fill your bag every half hour or so, so you'll notice your money going up nicely
- At 106, you can now move to Savage Wooma Temple, as before, TU all the woomas. You can't TU Dark or Dung. So tame the Dung (Darks make terrible pets) and use them to clear the other Dark and Dung, to let you focus on TUing Woomas. You'll notice a slight slow down of your exp after 110 but keep going. You'll probably be doing one level in about 3 or 4 hours by this point. Continue to save foods and sell to trader for cash.
- At level 116 you reach an exciting time. Your first really good AoE spell. Inferno! It's expensive though. Very rare drop so you'll probably have to buy it from game shop for 100gg. If you want to you can simply buy the gg for real money, but many people like to trade gold bars for gg. If you've been selling foods for 20 levels and saving up you can make 10 million gold into a gold bar and there is no shortage of players who will buy it for about 32 to 35 gg. You'll need to sell 3 (30 mill gold) to make the 100gg you need for inferno. If you don't have that, keep TUing in SWT until you do, just keep saving up! Once you have the Inferno book, go to Temple of the Cursed Jungle (Generally just gets called 'Jungle'). There are a lot of floors but 4th is the only one that has no ranged mobs so it is popular with wizards. Random teleport your way to 4th, gather a bunch (10+ mobs) then cast Inferno and lure them around on your fire until they are dead. You'll start levelling quick again! It's at this point I'd start looking at getting kit to wear (just use shop items until now). Look for items with added fire damage which will make your inferno stronger.

Stay in Jungle until probably around level 130. After which there will be a lot more options open to you and you'll be able to solo some mid level bosses. At 116 you'll probably be able to get into a guild also. Most of the top guilds do regular group hunts that will get you some very fast exp.

Obviously everyone's journey is different, don't rush, just enjoy the game and learn and explore. Hard work is rewarded in time. I'm not saying this is the only way, but it's what I'd do if I had to start again.

Best of luck!
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