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Webserver upgrade


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Hi all, sorry for the recent website downtime.
We upgraded the server that we host the website on to a more powerful machine with a greater bandwidth allowance.

Things may take a couple of days to settle down, but please post if you have any issues

Thanks for the update, I was wondering what was going on!

If you glance at your access logs you will see haha
Everything was completed 24 hours ago. I tested everything and it was all working fine.
One final reboot of the server and.. "Cent OS failed to boot".. lets start again shall we.. :mad-new:
That's what you get for using CentOS.... Debian is my lovechild <3

I flung a quick script together that repeatedly tried to load the forum, if it got the "under maintenance" warning it would wait 5 seconds and try again, if it got no response at all it would wait 30 seconds before trying again, if it got something different it would email me that the forum is back up.

Hi, my name's Zad and I'm an alcoholic.
Haha great work. I wondered how you managed to snipe the forum as soon as it came back online