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Weapon inscriptions


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Dunno if u guys know what these are from Shanda servers? They was a awesome part of they’re games. It’s basically a stone you can get from mining. They come in 3 kinds. War wiz and Tao. They attach to weapons and cannot be removed. Only over written. They was mega rare and you could mine all day and maybe get one. When you add the stone to a weapon it will buff one of your spells. For instance, warriors best one is a flame sword boost or dash 1step extra.
Tao’s were the best they got a upgraded shinsu or skeleton.
There was 100s of different types, one for every spell. The buff was removed if you removed the weapon.
Thought you might like the idea for potential future updates
I like that idea, I never played Shanda but I hear good things like this, lots of interesting thoughts
Would certainly give me something else to do since I'm afk in sz for about 18 hours a day :D