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Warrior TDB poison


I've seen and experienced the full effect of this from mobs ie naga sub/bosses which lasts over 20secs+++, not fireburn, its the 1 that turn u greenish and blocks you from casting spells, this feature has been ingame for so long i only realize what it does now because the poison time was too short to be in effect. Tbh since other classes are much more powerful at the moment, can the time for poison be increased as to balance a bit, TDB poison now currently lasts for like 1-3 sec which isnt enough imho, now that BC kind of not working as intended anymore which enables players to just walk away after being hit with BC, a moment to think and restructure
I will add another 2 seconds to it.

Still not sure about this BattleCharge issue, is it the same with ShoulderDash? I suspect that the issue here is due to a previous "fix" where players were getting sticky feet where they were not supposed to - effectively a bug that became the default behaviour.
It might be due to the sticky feet fix, i dont really know at the moment. U can test it with warda or other characters, i can be your volunteer if you want. BC b4 works as if opponents are stunned for 1-2 secs which gives the opportunity for warrs to lay a hit or two. Currently now if experienced PK players knew this they would counter by just walking the opposite side which unable to hit them. Adding +2 secs to tdb poison is a plus but i would think more secs, their pets or (wiz) would destroy a warr under 1 mins. I’d say adding more secs for more effect. Running around while pets kill u isn’t called strategy.

I may be wrong but all opinions are welcomed.