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Warrior Guide?


Evening fellow Mir hoomans.

I have found my self back in the land of Mir after a 17 (or thereabouts) year break.

Been rummaging through the threads in hope of finding a Warrior Guide (Similar to the Wiz guide knocking about) but have not located one so far.

Does one exist? Any help appreciated.

Hey, welcome to Arcadia!

There isn't a specific guide for warriors written up, though the Hunters Resource is pretty handy (click the game guide notice board found in several towns, or press H and click 'quick hunt' then 'hunters resource')

That will tell you a lot of info on caves from level 50 up to 120. Also on the quick hunt section there will be links to 3 level appropriate caves.

Try them all out and get a feel for which one you get the best exp in. Not necessarily highest exp per mob, but exp per hour is a good indicator, as you can probably kill much faster for slightly less exp per mob in easier caves

There's a list of all caves here https://zade-mir.com/caves/
Have a browse and try all the ones that are around your level (and up to 10 levels below you! you might be surprised how fast you can level with easier mobs in big lures)

Not sure what level you're at so it's hard to tailor specific advice, but generally the skills you'll probably use most (at first, anyway) will be TwinDrakeBlade, Crosshalfmoon, DamageField, ProtectionField, LionRoar, and maybe FireFrenzy

As you go along clearing mobs you'll find items drop at around the same level as the mobs you're killing. So when you want new kit it's easy to find this way. A list of item sets can be found here https://zade-mir.com/sets/
The 'special ones' are much higher stats, but those only drop from bosses, so you might need to ask someone for help to kill those
Also check auction house (blue icon with white house picture on it, near bottom right of your screen). Search for things you need there and maybe pick up a bargain!

If you're under level 80, it's probably still worthwhile to try the farmer quests, some of them give quite decent exp rewards. There's a walkthrough for all the farmer quests on a google sheet (someone else made it, it's really good and I highly recommend it, it's linked in a sticky thread and on my site in the FAQ bit)

Feel free to PM me in game if you have questions that aren't already answered on the forum or on my site

Best of luck :)
Evening Zad.

Appreciate the in-depth reply.

Currently level 107. Slowly getting the hang of it and been quite lucky with skill book drops. Yes, I found the sign in BW which pointed me in the right direction for hunting.

Just had a quick look at your cave guide which is a huge help as well. Will get that favourited on the desktop for future reference.
One more thing,

is there a guide / document showing map routes to bosses?
Not really, but most of the low level stuff is really easy to find. Just get to the last floor in each cave and look around.

In many places the doors are marked on the minimap, if they aren't then just check each corner of the map, doors are usually at or near to corners