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Rune Craft

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The art of runecrafting allows the user to upgrade socket stones using lesser powerful variants, transforming them into stronger and more potent versions which can be applied to items with an empty socket. Sockets can be applied to equipment items but only a handful of merchants are skilled enough to perform the task, as such, they tend to charge a hefty fee for such a specialist service.


More information on item socketing can be found here: [Item Socketing]

Upgrading Runes

Runes come equipped with many different enhancements and vary in size and potency. Using the item upgrade feature, players are able to upgrade lesser runes into more powerful variants.


To do so, you must first acquire three of the same type of rune, then add them into the upgrade system.



There are many different types of rune to be found, some more useful than others. Play your cards right, and it could mean the difference between life and death.


Remember, once runes are applied to empty sockets, they cannot be removed.
Choose wisely.

Re: [Guide] Upgrade System

Upgrading Ultra Marbles

Similar to runes, Ultra Marbles can also be upgraded into an Ultra Orb - a much more stable upgrade source that allows a player to apply additional stats to their equipment without the risk of breaking. The same method of upgrade is used; three of the same type must be combined together to produce the Orb. Players may optionally substitute one or two Marbles with a Mystery Marble alongside an Ultra Marble to upgrade it to an Ultra Orb.