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Tristram Travelling Trader Quest


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Seems this quest is bugged and you cant finish it. I went through the maze found the trader , killed the mobs and he give me a broken charm i tt'ed and spoke to giovanni he says thank you for saving my friend but the quest doesn't go white and doesnt say its complete.

I think a few other of the Tristram quests have this same problem but im not sure what ones

Also i still have a Farmer Present in my store even tho ive done all the delivery quests for the farmer, and i cant drop it / cant destroy it . Can u please get rid of it for me thx :)
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I think travelling trader is the only quest that does that, you're right it doesn't show as complete, when I click it it just tells me "thanks for saving my friend" but I can't remember what happened when I actually did it

All other quests seem to complete fine.

Only 3 I haven't finished
- Diablo - I'm just fed up with this map, killing 1200 mobs in 1 hit each spread over a massive map is not appealing atm
- Ring of Destruction - got them all except ring of power, been trying to get a hold of one without luck, but I have seen them about so I know the exist, I'm just unlucky
- Monster Killing Madness 2 - I'd love this to be upgraded to higher level mobs, 240k kills required and I've done about 14k towards it and it's just so boring because there's literally no reward for all that work other than the quest completion. I've easily killed more than enough mobs in Tomb/CT/ToA/PB but they aren't counted and definitely have the madness, I think I deserve to complete this quest :p