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Timbre Subs


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I am convinced the TImbre subs in Isles GP are bugged.

I have had holy crystal weapons and armour from these before from the normal maps but nothing from these GP ones and I have spent a lot of time levelling there.

Normally I wouldn't care because crystal stuff isn't that rare nor do I need it but one of these subs spawns on the last map which is also the best map and isn't really avoidable unless you want to miss mobs. So if I'm going to waste pot time killing it, it would be nice to know it might drop something.
Bud, I’ve killed 400+ bile demons and not had anything but oils and benes. While on subscription. I know the pain. :(
I am fairly certain that in the dim and distant past GM said something similar to 'don't expect the same sort of drops / drop rates in GP caves that you would get in normal caves'.
It’s 2 diff sub bosses. The drop file will be different. There is few bosses in Arcadia with same name but diff location and diff drop file.