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This is a shame !


Dear Andry, i give up.
I'm playing this server since the beginning and i must admit that was the best server that i ever played in this years, but mate now is too much.
Event by event the drop rate is always LESS than the previous event and you are just doing the same events during the year. We were waiting for this event and now you put chests that drop SHITS, only and only 0.3/0.4 etc but only SHITS!
I didn't kill 1/2/3/4 chests, i killed i don't know how many gold chests and i can't even count the silvers....NO WAY. It's not only bad luck, no one of my friends dropped ANYTHING GOOD from the chests.
Let's talk about the Red and blue moobs, let's talk about MadPumpkin and Pumpkin reapers....THEY DROP LVL 120 ITEMS if you are lucky, you didn't even put any good and rare items into the drop rate. (i'm talking about the hardest lvl cave).
I don't want even try the quests otherwise i will be even more mad about this and i will waste my time.
As you can see we have less players, month by month and instead to invite people to play more during the event what's your answer: ALMOST NO DROP FROM ANYTHING.

I think that i rarelly post something on this forum, but after 5 years i see that this is too much, we are all upset, everyone to who i'm asking everyone thinks that this event is shit. At this point do something smart for your self, put rune in the Game Shop. In the previous event was very rare to find the chests because everyone was looking for them or everyone was hunting the bosses, red , blue etc etc cause of the good and potential drop, today? lol there is no way to waste your to get a 0.3 rune....

I'm giving and just and advice, try to do something ASAP and i'm sorry for this server.

1) Thanks. The server has only improved since the beginning.
2) The drop rate is higher than the last event as items and levels get higher
3) The template for this event was last done in 2016
4) The rate of lower grade runes was increased due to the fact you can now take 3 and upgrade them into a better one. Sorry if you don't like them, or find that too annoying, sell them to someone that will make the upgrade!
5) Red and blue monsters were introduced ago to add an extra depth to the game. Two years ago they didn't even exist. They are not there to simply fill your bag with rares.
6) Level 120 items are the lowest level items that top cave Pumpkins drop
7) The Quests are there for more side-fun and to give a few easily achievable targets. It would seem your aim is to amass wealth rather than enjoy yourself - maybe take the time to kill the rest of the bosses in game while people have a break and enjoy the event
8) Player-count has been reasonably stable for a while now, it is in fact only 3.7% lower than the same time last year (yes, I did just check the logs and do the calculation). There are many reasons for a reduction in player-count and for a game that is now over 5 years old and the second longest running server, I am still very pleased and grateful to the players.
9. I think we agree of something - that 1 forum post in 5 years is a very low post count.
10. These are the very same chests as the last event but more than double are spawning since the event is over a shorted period.

As always is the case, the event was well advertised, and requests were made for player suggestions. All that was requested were Arcamon. I guess it is easy to kick and scream.

Adjust your expectations. Events have been consistent for 5 years. You should know what to expect by now. This is also made clear with the use of event templates/titles. There's no way I will make an event so a handful of greedy players can fill their boots and ruin the economy. You think the game would last this long if you got everything you wanted in 2 days of an event?
I agree with all you said in your reply, some peoples expectations are too high and do not seem to understand the results if they were reached!!

Thumbs up from me for the event
From your bag! Open bag there is a small hammer on right side. This will open a window. Place runes into boxes and click.
Best wishes
Italians moan when they get slap. Italians moan when they can’t will a pk with even numbers. Italians moan when they aren’t spoon feed. Funny enough this is a reflection to their economy lol. At least the Arab (as corrupted as they were) put up a fight. Items don’t drop, they keep grinding.

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You guys have to give Andy a break man. It ain’t easy running a server and I’m guessing he’s got a job too while keeping this running. Be glad it’s still here man. Guy could call it a day and shut up shop for all you like.