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The time has come


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Cya guys. Thanks for all the fun :)
Didn’t even know we had a lockdown with all the events 😆
Not enjoying it anymore tho.

Take care maybe see some of you again on other mirs I am sure!
Char will be deleted.

Sad to see you leaving game mate, imo dont delete char as u worked too hard on it. Just pop from time to time and have some fun if u like.
Anyway g/l with life and everything, you were descent always to me, so my respect gamewise to you.
If you delete character does it take you off ranking?

I would say all the best - but Id be lying.

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U sold the account then? 😂 and the GM will do absolutely nothing about it.

I’m sure your jus throwing your toys out of the pram to get the GMs attention as per.

I would never sell a Mir account. Let my rl mates play it. I’m not into real life sales.