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The frost Guard??

Iv noticed since event my beloved frost guard expired , which is normally no big deal. I know the expiry date on them was removed which is good . However myself and lots of people in game have noticed that the Knights have not been dropping no where near as much . Which is understandable to a degree . I myself don’t level there anymore and I can still hunt the subs without one although can be a bit tedious as times . I have noticed many 150-160 players really getting frustrated as they need to level there . I just wanted to pop the question was this intended? can the drop rates on the FG be looked into ? As I think CT is an awesome cave for lvling and most of the game can’t lvl there atm .
Couldn't agree more. Currently CT is the place I should be leveling but because of the lack of frost guards this makes the cave impossible. I understand you want them to be similar to shock guards ect .. but due to the spawn rates of the Knights it could well be months before I could get one. Even if there was a temporary GG potion , upping the spawn rate of the Knights, or changing the drop chance.. ? Or still keeping the temps on drop file along side the permanent ones. So they would still be rare but the average player could still buy a temp to lvl in the cave.
I think the problem is this... they are dropping, but the rich high levels are buying them up first. Most people need one right now so as soon as one gets put in AH it sells very quickly Once all the main high level players have one each then supply will overtake demand and you'll be able to get one relatively cheaply.

That might take weeks, or longer, until then I think you'll have to do it the hard way I'm afraid.
zade hit the nail on the head! Couple that with ppl been doing event for last few weeks = not a lot on the AH. Within a week of the event there will be 1-2 and even more the weak after no doubt
They do seem overly rare tbh.

Even if they are on par with shocks. There's a lot more overlords to kill than knights.