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The current problem with Resting Exp Bonus


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There are huge gaps in the exp required in 140+ and 110-140 players, hence resulting a huge difference in the bonus exp they get even from a night of sleep.

While my over night resting bonus of 35million exp at level 125 is finished after 1 hour of farming. a level 140+ characters over night resting bonus can last for a day of farming.
Since a mob at 125 gives roughly half of the exp given to a level 145 mob which is far from the ratio of resting bonuses in those 2 different levels of players.

Hence this is why people can feel like this was a huge nerf to catchup players like myself.
I think there should be a fix to find a middle ground between the old and the new resting exp system.
Very good point, the idea behind resting exp is to encourage you to rest. I see your point about the maximum representing more hunting for higher levels. The concept works well, but it definitely needs some tweaking.

I'm sure Andy will take your thoughts on board as they have been well explained, far better than most of the server that just posts "mmmnnngggg everythin fucked server shit u suck". I take my hat off to you