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tests on new update


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Rev ring works for certain people when it wants to, doest work 1st time, try another rev ring on an it works.
waited 7mins for rev ring to work and it didnt i died muliple times in a row.

my findings so far
I have Rev pearl ring on, tested in @pvp, doesn't rev but insta died

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Nvm it worked, cooldown must have started when i first logged in, now the buff icon appeared
Did you have a Buff Icon?

if you have the buff icon on so yhe rev ring is working, if you take your rev off and put back on you have to wait for the cooldown all over again even if you have not reved, i do honestly get the logging in and out situation is stupid that you have to do so to reset your rev, but on another hand waiting 5mins for your rev ring to work when youve not even reved before is stupid.
been on the server a whole 10 minutes went to kill sk did about 100k dps to it with para ring and khazard and I reved, the server is to old and dead rn we have 2 people on in our guild to be making changes like this, if I was unable to play multiple chars at the same time I wouldn't even attempt it.
Also can someone please explain how warriors are supposed to kill STL now? we used to have to run out and relog now we cant even do that
Wiz/Tao have RD/NL/Champ/STL and now due to updates high level warriors are restricted to soloing bosses