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Test Toxic Gas and Green Poison

Hi Andy, i did some tests on Toxic Gas, seem not to do what say in spell window. To be more exactly i did green pois a mob and waited too see if HP drains constant every 3 seconds but it didnt happen, mostly when you repeat same spell on same mob. Basiclly Toxic Gas do 3 x damage when hit but if you repeat spell, some times mobs just regen their lives and those 50 sec with draining HP from them dont happen. Dunno how to explain, pls you do some tests, i did mine in PB area, maybe i am wrong. BTW if i repeat spell on them overe and over they will die but i thought that if a mob have low life will die from green without beeing hit anymore ( like example if mob have under 5 k life and my spell do damage 450 every 3 seconds on a 50 second period that means my spell do 16*450=7200 damage in total and mob, with all hes HP regen in that period, must be dead. Again maybe i am wrong, pls do some testes if you have time, thx.
He stopped poison killing be able to work quite some time ago, if that's what you mean?
The poison will take the hp down to a % where it will regen and needs to be deliberately finished. Maybe it was to stop grief play or to stop tao poison killing bosses not sure.