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Tele ring breaks killchain cooldown


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I just noticed this yesterday but not sure how long it's been the case...

I thought it was strange that my killchain is normally 11 or 12 whenever I'm solo levelling but yesterday was mostly sitting at around 9 or 10 and not going any higher. So I watched it carefully to see if there was something strange going on and noticed it! Whenever I use tele ring the cooldown on killchain is immediately fulfilled and it starts dropping without waiting the cooldown time.

The effect it has is that if two people are killing the same number of mobs in the same time, but one is just running around and one is using tele ring, the one running around will maintain higher killchain. That doesn't seem logical to me.

Can it be confirmed please if this behaviour is intentional or not?

I hope I've explained it clearly enough, if not please say and I'll try and explain differently

Every tt, rt and wiz teleport also count against your killchain immediately:

Like when you get to killchain 10, it normally gives you 30 or 90 seconds to get the next kill before it loses a level, but if you tele in any fashion, it goes down

I figured it was to level the playing field with people who can't rt as easily/much, or don't have a tele ring.
Yeah any teleport and the game assumes you have left the action (which you have) and it stats to cool down
Aww ok :( Only left the action because I'd killed all the action and was looking for more haha