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Super And Champion Bosses


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Hi, i'm not sure if this is a bug or not so i would like the Game Master's confirmation if its intended to be this way. If it is, I request you change this as soon as possible.

The topic i want to discuss today is Super and champion bosses in Project 69:
Speaking as the whole playerbase our issue is that some bosses do not spawn in champion (red) or even some in super (blue)

The bosses that i assume to be disabled/bugged from spawning in super or champion form would be:

PalaceLord (does not spawn in super form nor champion form) requesting to be fixed

(does not spawn in super form nor champion form) requesting to be fixed

TheMountain (does spawn in super form but does not spawn in champion form as far as I'm aware)

NagaLord (does spawn in super form but does not spawn in champion form as far as I know)

Bloodlord (Since released it has only spawned in super form once, took a long time to kill with around 7 players and dropped terrible, 2 items to be exact + does not spawn in champion form)

For the people who play arcadia and are wondering why I made this thread and why it seems so important to me, It's because this is actually all the big group bosses on our server, We do not have a vast majority of bosses unlike arcadia, if you were to remove these 5 bosses we would have lost almost half of all the bosses on the server (that are around this level). (not moaning or complaining) Furthermore the server lacks challenge, every single boss or cave is simply too easy and not that rewarding, this is mainly because the bosses are outdated, If gm were to fix this issue and allow PalaceLord, Loki to spawn in super or champ form then the game would be much more challenging as players would have to group with each other, players grouping with each other is very rare in project 69 it almost never happens as every boss can be solo'd in about 30 seconds even these group bosses that I listed above can be solo'd in 3-4 minutes with pure ease.

@Scorpian I acknowledge that PalaceLord and Loki are very old bosses, i understand that you may have disabled them at spawning in super and champion form when they were released since the players were weak, low lvl and it would have probably required tons of players more than p69 has to kill it, but however times have changed players are much stronger if you were to enable PalaceLord to spawn at super and champion I can guarantee you 100% that I can solo it, I would still group however.

I and the remaining players of project 69 would really appreciate it if you can enable the super and champion spawns of the bosses I have colored in red.
It would mean a lot to me especially as then I have something challenging to do, something that i can finally organize a group of players to kill, this would be something great an opportunity that would bring people of the server together since everyone (10) hunts solo. And would also be great if you considered allowing Mountain and NagaLord and BloodLord to spawn in champion form as well, they would still be killable with a group and we would love that honestly!

Thank you.