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Sunday 18th - Summer Event


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Once again, we'd like to apologise for not having anything super special prepped for a Summer Event this year. We hope you all enjoy the daily modifier events and prosper from it though.

This Sunday (18th), I will be popping in game where there will be an assortment of different bosses spawning in the Mongchon Province for you to have a good go at. There will be many opportunities to try and get some nice loot hopefully, but most of all, we hope you all have fun above everything. It doesn't matter what level you are, there will be something for everyone so feel free to join in!

Event Details

  • * Warm up event starts at 4:30 PM (BST) in the Jump-Right-In zone in the @PvP area.
  • Main event starts at 5:00 PM (BST) in Mongchon Province just outside the main gates (367:350).
  • Spawns will range from Easy to Difficult - starting with lower level bosses.
  • Player drops are DISABLED, so no need to worry about losing any of your valuables!
  • 100% Extra Magic Find enabled.
  • PK Points are gained on unlawful kill.
  • Pets can be lost on character death - be careful!

* - Warm up event will be a series of practice boss spawns for you to test your strength against, item drops disallowed in the PvP area.

No particular set of rules, get involved, grab those rewards and just have fun!
PK is allowed in Mud Wall, but I would like to ask nicely that player's don't take it too far to spoil everyone else's fun please. :cocksure:

Here's a quick re-cap of the event schedule this week:

Event Schedule
Fri 16th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Triple Supers and Champion Spawns
Sat 17th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Drop rate multiplier x2
*Sun 18th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Extra 100% Magic Find
Mon 19th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Experience multiplier x1.5
Tue 20th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Double Supers and Champion Spawns
Wed 21st 2PM (for 24 hours) - Extra 100% Magic Find
Thu 22nd 2PM (for 24 hours) - Drop rate multiplier x2
Fri 23rd 2PM (for 24 hours) - Experience multiplier x1.5

All times are BST

* On Sunday the 18th August, Warda will be ingame for a monster spawning event. More details to follow.

Double Drops and Experience Multipliers stack with your player stats (from potions etc). Hit F10 and look at your STATE window, your Exp Rate there will be multiplied by 1.5 and your Drop Rate will be multiplied by 2. That means any bonuses and potions you use are naturally boosted.
Triple/Double Super and Champions relate to respawns. Running through caves and farming the supers isn't going to work. If you don't clear the cave, they won't spawn.
How will the drop work? Are we activating free pick up for all or whoever gets exp gets to pick up?

Very well done with the event.
Yeah drops are free to everyone, first come first serve so be hot on your toes to make a dash for the goods! Those actually putting in the effort and being closest to the boss are more likely to get the better items.

I'll probably make a group for those wanting to actually get involved and make an effort.
hey there just wanted to be cheeky and ask for the Tue 20th 2PM (for 24 hours) - Double Supers and Champion Spawns ............ to be Triple not double this last 24 hours was great with Triple mobs had alot of fun