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    The Legend of Skull Island

    Experience a unique starter adventure on Arcadia: trapped in the Mineral Mines alongside the Islebound Kin; a small clan if islanders who have been isolated since the emergence of a great fiery harbinger. As the village scribes uncover lost magic, new heroes are rising to power. Discover the legend of Skull Island and harness your power to save the islanders from certain doom.

    Embark on new quests and face exciting challenges with the Arcadia community. Forge powerful new characters for your account and earn some much desired Elysian Ore.

    ALL new characters are welcome!
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hey there people

i think this is great how it is but i hate when i kill a boss and someone come up and kills me and steal my drops

how about added i auto pick on items when a boss super or champ is killed it will only pick up items and books for you and if you are in a party it tells the whole team like it dose within the group chat

and maybe adding in more account storeage i know when you have subscripiton you get 2 lines unlocked for account to share with all 4 of your names how about just having all the lines unlocked or maybe adding a GG item to unlock them without the subscripiton am sure everyone needs that little more space

Much love
It's shit that people are stealing your drops. Unfortunately I think it's just part of the game. Be aware of your surroundings, what mode you are on and who is on same map as you
Part of the game mate. Can’t be changed otherwise be boring and this should motivate you more to become stronger and do same back to those individuals.
Wit most of the champ/boss drops being left on the floor auto pick definitely wouldn’t work. When your bag is pretty full with stuff it would be unfair to expect the system to know what to auto pick and what to leave on the floor.