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Suani Legion Lvl 148 Spell for Wiz

Im never one to complain but this has seriously wound me up i paid 500gg for a very rare wiz book lvl 148 highest wizz spell in game and im sorry to say but its the worst spell i have it should be the most powerful, it barely its mobs at all im so dissapointed in it its unbelieveable also the 8 second cool Down is a joke. please look at this iv spoke to all the wizzies and they agree it needs a serious serious looking at thanks.!
I agree whit you at 100% a crap spell for level 148, and yes cool down to long
ty if you can change
Best reguards
Must say I agree there. I've had it for a while and never use it. Damage is very low, I do more damage with firestorm that's like lvl 114 skill. And it has a 8 second cool down just for an extra kick while we're down haha.

If cooldown is completely removed and damage is increased by 20 or 30 % then it would be worth using. Any less than that and it's a worthless skill.