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scorp u introduced new rings and neckys ie pro and para very nice, but y is it I can only add 3 storm orbs but
other orbs u can add 8. it makes it hard to reach 18 max attack speed ?

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I brought a new para ring at a cost of 500GG, but I can only add 3 storm orbs, so I don't wear it cos my hero para
I've had for years has 7 speed on it (
You can put speed on many items

Storm Gem: place on necklace, weapon or ring

(max loadout = 4 items: 2 rings, your weapon and necky)

so max 4 per item, = 16 possible max speed you can add to a kit.

But, you can have an item like a GreenGoldNecky, that has 6+ speed to start with, or are using a perfect pick axe with 20 speed, or another item like that.

AND some items, such as boots can also have speed on them naturally from the start, or from an upgrade

Then, you can also add speed with a storm drug, and add more speed using dark devil horns and swiftthistle.

So.... go get speed 16 or 20, or 30 and tell us what happens.

I don't think anyone is going to tell us how the server internally calculates speed... that's up to us to find out.. and everyone will have their own opinion on how it 'feels' to them.
I idea behind buying that new ring is u cant drop on death, all the other stuff ur on about can b dropped an would have 2 b re orbed more cost