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Storage bugs


Hello everyone,
simply after event , few of my items in main storage they also appear in shared storage and when I take out that items it says items does not exist and also some items in my shared storage vanish,I unlocked few columns in my shared storage for more space but now I cant use it, I deleted the game and installed it again but still same bug,hope someone help me by that.
I am thinking that this is an issue with the account storage system specifically. I think what is happening is that when an item disintegrates it confuses the storage into thinking that it is empty. This fits in with the fact it happened after the event with lots of items that disintegrate.

I will take a look and see what can be done. Maybe a solution is to empty your main storage, then fill your account storage with items to clear out any empty slots.
I tried this ,, it didnt work
I empty shared storage , then its ok but when I put one item in shared storage then bug will appears.
My subscription lapsed, and now all the slots in the 'account' are blocked off (and full of kit) I purchased extra account slots, but they only seem active when you have a subscription too :/

What is the solution if we cant access the items in the account tab?
if you purchased from account tab (not player tab) should remain open with no subscription. This seems like a bug.
This is really infuriating. Can this be prioritised please. Every time I try to use my storage I find it's full of items that are actually on my other characters on the same account. I've actually gone so far as keeping the folder with the idb files open on my other screen and deleting them before I open storage, which has made it vaguely usable, but it's still a nightmare and I can't keep on top of it at all as it displays all wrong. I'll maybe try to get a video or something to show, as it flickers with the wrong items then changes to the right items when I open storage, but not completely, it's hard to explain lol, there's just so many bugs with storage please take a good look :)
maybe just make a new store char for time being and empty out all that crap in ur store :D

Mate I've already got 7 accounts, I have a char for each thing, on my main account with all my main chars I mostly just keep stuff like dc/mc pots and several choices of kit. Annoying when I log on warrior and see storage full of mc pots and need to fill storage with RTs and come out it and back in just to be able to find a stone I wanna use. Or go to take out recall set and it says cannot get back this item then I have to guess which char it's on
i mean sounds annoying as f but u can work round it quite easy by not putting rts and pots in ur store lol jjust make em as u hunt
It really is annoying put a gold bar in yesterday and it immediately vanished lol. Logged in and out juggled bits and pieces in and out and eventuall it appeared so grabbed it out. Sometimes it says storage is full when you can see one empty space then another day you can fill every space. When I saw my other chars items in it I was quite confused.
I think it is caused by disintegrating items. I accidentally left a gem in there when making orbs one day.