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SSL warning on forum


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The base path for smilies is still using http: scheme which is causing any page/thread which includes smilies to display an 'Insecure page' warning.

Tested in Firefox Quantum 60.2.0esr, Firefox Developer Edition 63.0b2, Chrome 68.0

Screenshot at 2018-09-21 09-41-29.png
Just had to edit and check 190 links :cower::cower::cower:

But thanks. It is fixed on my side - maybe you can check again
Sure, but not through the VB smiley manager. Had to click "edit" on each one :chargrined:
Not confident enough to start dabbling with SQL. Don't get enough exposure to it, and when things go wrong my life isn't worth living!
What's the difference between dabbling in SQL and playing football?

Only need 1 ball to play football :D

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If it makes you feel any better, I deleted a database of 35 million text messages a few months ago. Oops :D