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Spice up drops


This is just a thought around drops.

Think current rates are good but maybe...

Add some more stuff to “enhance” drops,

GG gems. 1-5 gg (depending on lvl of boss) make it 1/10 drop or something to stop farming
Boss token. Boss drops a token that you can click and spawn another boss.(expire after 24 hours and canÂ’t be traded and what not) Drop rate 1/50 maybe
Super Bene. 100% success rate
Potion enhancements. The current set is good but maybe some enhanced ones to add to potions and things that would add value and sell: a speed +2 for example or agil + 5. Again if a rare drop rate it wouldnÂ’t mess things up too much.
Exp tokens, double click for a set amount of exp (have different lvls and what not)
GG pet food in drop files, again make it rare so as not to take away from donations and GG spend but as with all of these things, the more stuff in the files the higher chance of getting a “trinket” and being happier with a drop

And lastly: “Sword of a thousand truths” 😂