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Spell Quests


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Just an idea.

Would love it if we could introduce a Class Quest that improves a signature ability of said class to rank 4?

For example, Warrior have a quest to kill 10 mobs in a small room without the ability to heal. complete this quest and you get Rank 4 Flamesword that always Procs Bloodlust on use.

Wizards could have a quest to not get hit by a room full of 60 mobs...1 hit and you fail sort of thing. Get Rank 4 Call of Phenonix....When used it now casts twice..

Taoist- Room full of mobs that do ranged poison attacks that ticks for extremely high damage after 7-9seconds. Clear the room and get Rank 4 Summon Shinsu, increased DC/AC/AMC and now casts Luring cry or uses some sort of shield

Just an idea and i know you have like 1023213213 things to do.