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    The Legend of Skull Island

    Experience a unique starter adventure on Arcadia: trapped in the Mineral Mines alongside the Islebound Kin; a small clan if islanders who have been isolated since the emergence of a great fiery harbinger. As the village scribes uncover lost magic, new heroes are rising to power. Discover the legend of Skull Island and harness your power to save the islanders from certain doom.

    Embark on new quests and face exciting challenges with the Arcadia community. Forge powerful new characters for your account and earn some much desired Elysian Ore.

    ALL new characters are welcome!
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Special Delivery Mutant Mines

Hi could anyone tell me which floor of the mutant mines/lair that the farmer's brother is on please? There's a LOT of killing to do to find out myself...
It's on the last floor, can't remember how many floors there, but whatever the last one is. The npc you need is over on the left hand side about half way up hiding in a little alcove, easy to run past and miss
thank you very much!

I've had a look and I've done all the left hand side except the very bottom corner ( a ton of stuff to kill) and he wasn't there...
Thank you very much, I did find him there. I had only really checked the far left before and a bit at the top and bottom of the column it was in but not in the middle!