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Sounds settings won't save


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I have my sound options set like this because on the same PC I have netflix/youtube playing and the sound balance is really off, so I have to turn my speakers up really high to hear the sound from my browser, and as such I need to turn off background music and have the volume down low in Mir


Problem is every time I re-open the game, the background music is back on and the volume is up high. I have to log in (while deafening my neighbours if I forgot to turn down my speakers first) then go into sound settings and change it back to this every time. Note that the background music button is unticked, but the music is playing, I need to tick it then untick it to turn it off.

I close the game properly, log out then click exit button at the bottom of the character select screen.

Any idea why my settings aren't saving?
1) If you have a couple of clients open then the last one you close will override the saved settings
2) Sometimes people have reported Windows reading/saving files from different locations - possibly a user setting thing? - as if Windows is preventing them editing files in the C drive and making changes in a sub folder of their user profile - never understood these issues!

mir2.ini should load the settings no problem if you directly edit them