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Some bug in game

Hello andy, there are some bugs in game:

1- Naga Elite in city 4F, i can see the shout "A Boss as been located" but there is no Boss. They are like invisible.

2- Items lvl 126 dropped in city 4F with ridicolus stats. Like "replenish crown" they are set or something?

3- Elite Troll skill still not working.

4- Bleed and Fire Burn Icons on buff list (Top center of the screen) not working.


1- Make The Mountain more harder and increase items lvl drop.

2- Make Red Dragon more harder and increase items lvl drop.

3- Well done on Desert city update i think you can do the same to more dungeon where people never go.

4- Change Nazgul Lord Challenge, Great Land Squid Challenge and RTZ Challenge into a best one.

5- Change new HolyFreeze skill for tao with something can do slow to mobs/players. We got 5 new skills they only work on mobs like Enlightment,Repent,HolyShock,HolyFire and HolyFreeze. Add just 1 skill for pvp will be cool! Maybe a curse with a really low succes rate or a Holy Debuff or a personal SC buff.

6- Tournament and Championship Guild Buffs? Any news about it?

7- Increase Seats for guilds cap to 30 is very low.
3- Well done on Desert city update i think you can do the same to more dungeon where people never go.
100% agree its a great update. I think a similar thing would suit places like mutant mines, desolate chamber, crystalline palace etc.
Keep lower floors and bosses the same so low/mid levels still have stuff to do but just add more floors in these places with much harder mobs and bosses etc