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Solution for guard helmets


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Resist helms (frost guard, shock guard) seem like a nice idea in theory, and I think they key is that they prevent characters that are too low level to wear them (below 150) from hunting effectively in these areas, so the areas can be left for higher levels to enjoy.

I like that feature, and appreciate having more mobs to enjoy while lower levels are forced into lower level areas, but having spent quite a lot on a really good helmet now seems a waste. If more guards are brought out, I suspect helmets are going to go the way of necklaces, in that crystal, holycrystal, and even celestial are basically valueless.

My suggestion would be to allow us to use existing helmets more effectively by expanding on the range of sockets available.

FrostCrystal and ShockCrystal could be placed in sockets and would give that item the property of resisting freeze or shock.

To keep the property of restricting users of these to certain levels, you could make the crystals increase the level of an item to 150 if the item is below 150, I think that would be quite critical to prevent these places being flooded with lower level players
or instead of 1 item preventing something i.e blue/shocks maybe make a 4 piece item set (with useful stats) .