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Slow's effect on attack speed


I did some testing to see how Slow effects one's attack speed (AS).

Currently, having 20 AS or 31 AS made no difference on characters attack when they are slowed.
As seen in the video, regardless of your AS, your attack animation seemingly goes down to 3+- AS when you are slowed.

Perhaps Slow's effect on attack speed should be changed to a flat decrease?
For example -15/20 attack speed when you are slowed. This will bring most warriors down to 3-6 AS, since nobody usually stacks AS beyond 20.

This makes attack speed a much more useful stat to build. Whereas now, once you hit 18, you don't need anymore AS.

+ as a warrior i really want to be able to hit a tao lul.

The life of lowbie warrior:
Repelled -> Slowed -> "HAHAHA get more dc man" -> TT

at in times like that,Every ranged class got 3-5 Spells to slow someone so warriors legit getting disabled and not allowed to play because even when you slowed and try to hit 1 of 1000 hits will connect when the target person running away. Dont see a reason why it should be like that. Warrior attacks getting slowed but spellcast time dont... seems unfair to just because warriors need to get close to do damage.
Interesting idea. We would have to look into the whole issue in more depth because it is not really something that has been on our radar. Usually slow causes a 3x delay between hits whereas on Arcadia it is *only* 2x. (but as you say this applies after your hit the usual max A.Speed)

With the ease of all the slow attacks ingame maybe they are just too generous in pvp, or maybe the mitigations are too poor.

Ultimately it becomes difficult to make any changes like this as it always upsets one side, or two!